Tips You Need To Know

We strive to guide you as much as possible in order to make your trips with WGTConcierge unforgettable. You will find below information that we know have helped hundreds of our clients and we are continuously adding to this list. Click on any of the circles and refer to this page regularly. Feel free to ask us if you have questions that are still unanswered.

Passport Info

The State Department’s site has the info on how and where to apply for a passport.

Global Entry

Register for Global Entry to expedite entry back into the U.S. from abroad at Customs.

TSA Pre✓

This expedited security screening lets you get through security quicker.


Enroll to get travel alerts and to inform the nearest US Consulate or Embassy of your trip.

Travel Insurance

Protect your travel investment in case of cancellation or trip interruption.

Luggage Concierge

Meet your luggage at your destination with door to door delivery.

Ship Your Sticks

Have Ship Sticks send your golf clubs so that you can breeze through the airport.


Check out seasonal averages and forecasts for your destination.

Currency Converter

Check the latest exchange rates for currency rates at your destination.

Electricity Adapters

Find out what type of electric adapter you need for each country.