Barbara Gutstadt, a successful businesswoman, serial entrepreneur, and avid golfer, brought together a dynamic team of corporate business executives, LPGA and PGA professionals, educators, and travel consultants to create something unique and special in the golf industry. All key supporters of Barbara’s initiative share the same passion: to enjoy and grow the game through golf travel.



While Barbara’s company initially recognized a niche market in the women’s golf travel market, based upon statistical studies that 83% of everything sold in the non-business to business setting is done or influenced by women and feedback from our women’s focus-golf group,  a decision was made to add a new spin to creating golf trips to include couple planning without stereotypical gender type-trips. Thus, “ABCD Trip Designs” was created.

ABCD trip designs allow the traveler to choose their own trip design when traveling with their spouse/partner/ friend or as a single. On a couple of trips, they will fly, dine, sleep and enjoy evening socialization together, but do not have to necessarily play golf with each other. 

Do you know how many men on “men’s golf trips” really can’t keep up the pace of 36 holes a day but have no other outlet to be “with the guys”. Our new trip planning approach allows these outlets (and even good excuses) for all type of golfers and non-golfers to enjoy time together with their spouse/partner/friends without the peer pressure of having to “keep up with the 36 hole golfer”.



When appropriate, each traveler selects their preferences for their trip as below:

Trip Design A – 

Designed for the every day – golf fanatic traveler.

The guest can select to play every day or twice a day if they wish!

Trip Design B –

Designed for the guest who wishes to play golf and enjoy sightseeing. This guest will have a unique itinerary from their spouse/partner, however, will meet up for dinner and social activities in the evening.

Trip Design C –

Designed for those who are not golfing spouses/partners but rather wish to expand their minds taking in new destinations, cultures, and sightseeing activities.

Trip Design D –

Designed for all golf club members desiring to enjoy a group non-golfing trip (ie., France river cruise, a sightseeing trip to the Galapagos, New York City, and so on).



Our belief is that golf should be an inclusive activity for everyone where singles, women, men, and couples can thrive and create memories, no matter how much they play or not play, their handicap nor their gender. We don’t advocate eliminating gender-designed trips but rather add a new dimension to grow the game of golf travel excitement for couples.

No one has ever left home again due to gender golf trip planning.

Golf is the universal game: for toddlers to the mature player and everyone in between. Golf is a forever game!



Our goal is to expose the world of golf in every aspect to all individuals of all ages and gender. We work with a variety of partners: golf industry participants serving as business consultants, corporate golf instructors and conduits for LPGA and PGA training clinics, and those who provide golf resources.

By bringing our expertise together, we serve as golf travel conduits designing exceptional golf experiences for the discerning female, man, and couples without gender bias.