Barbara Gutstadt, a successful businesswoman, serial entrepreneur, co-author, “Teeing Up For Success”, public speaker and avid golfer, brought together a dynamic team of corporate business executives, LPGA and PGA professionals, travel professionals, and writers to create something unique and special in the golf industry. All key supporters of Barbara’s initiative share the same passion: to enjoy and grow the game through golf travel.



Barbara’s company recognized a niche market in the women’s golf travel market. Based upon statistical studies, 83% of everything sold in the non-business to business setting is done or influenced by women. 

So simply put……….Women, Golf, Travel,  when done right, is the combination that elevates leisure to its finest – like an art form that spurs many beautiful possibilities. Women who are game for adventure and swing to life’s beat make for a great golf company. Add in a great golf destination and you’ve got the makings for the journey of a lifetime – that’s the commitment Women’s Golf and Travel offers.

Our goal is to give women the best of both worlds – exceptional travel and golf and ensure that it coalesces into a truly enriching experience that touches the heart, tests the mind, and inspires the soul.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned golfer or someone who’s just starting out. You just need to have a love for the game. And a yen for adventure. We take your travel preferences into account and tailor a trips fueled by your passions and interests – a golf trip that’s just as unique as our guests. Our golf vacations are meant to flow with your vibe and give you the best experience whether you’re a woman traveling solo, with your partner, family, girlfriends, or colleagues. Hit it longer or just let it fly, the choice is yours. We take care of all the details so you can just focus on having a good time.


We take care of the countless little details. We deal with the legwork and go the extra mile so you can have an unforgettable experience. Our full-suite service includes impeccable and compelling itineraries, safe and luxurious accommodation, golf course selection, golf pairings and games, club shipping, dining options and reservations, ground transfers, travel insurance, excursions, extensions, and last but not least, unparalleled execution. 

All you need to do is simply show up and have a swinging good trip and let the journey begin. 


Our belief is that golf should be an inclusive diverse activity for everyone where singles, women, men, and couples of all ages can thrive and create memories, no matter how much they play or not play, their handicap nor their gender. We don’t advocate eliminating gender-designed trips but rather add new dimensions in every way we can to grow the game of golf travel excitement for everyone.

Golf is the universal game: for toddlers to the mature player and everyone in between. Golf is a forever game! Golf does not discriminate nor exclude anyone. Golf has no boundaries….everyone is always included!



Our goal is to expose the world of golf in every aspect to all individuals of all ages and gender. We work with a variety of partners: golf industry participants serving as business consultants, corporate golf instructors and conduits for LPGA and PGA training clinics, and those who provide golf resources.

By bringing our expertise together, we serve as golf travel conduits designing exceptional golf experiences for the discerning female, men, and couples without gender or color bias. Golf has no color, no boundaries, no limits!!