Group Golf Trips

Traveling breaks the monotony of your routine and then enriches it so it becomes more meaningful and alive.

At Women’s Golf and Travel, we encourage women to travel and experience life outside the familiar and break down their walls of inhibition – whether in a group or joining a group as a solo traveler. 

We Go With You, You Grow With Us

We are a group of golf and travel executives who are committed to making more people enjoy the game through an inclusive approach – all golf skill levels, non-golf players, professionals, all genders, without biases. Everyone is welcome to join our professionally created and curated travel packages and customized itineraries to cater to group and individual preferences. 

Along the way, we have recognized the importance of enabling women to experience golf travel the way they want it – fun, friendly, fascinating, and free-spirited. We have served many travelers and are happy to see this culture of women traveling together grow and flourish. 

Whether you are a group of friends, colleagues, members of a country club, golf association or a solo traveler wanting to join an escorted group golf trip, we’ve got the best golf destination and itineraries in the industry. 

We will be with you every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about how to navigate your trip while having the freedom to savor the experience.  

Be Your Authentic Self

We’re all about giving you an unforgettable experience as you let your spirit wander through every golf course, savor the surrounding scenery and memorable excursions while creating your forever story to share back home. Consider it as an opportunity to rediscover yourself and meet new friends in the company of other golfing women. 

We believe that women evolve gracefully when they come together and go places as a shared experience. With a golf tour, you get to experience beautiful new environments, all in the backdrop of fun and/or competitive game of golf….

Why Travel With Us

We offer golf destinations that you can choose from and connect you with other golfing women who share your idea of great golf traveling experience. 

Enjoy our well-researched destinations, expertly designed itineraries, hotel and resort arrangements, golf course selections, tee time arrangements, ground transfers and transportations, photo-capturing, meal planning and reservations and all other details ensuring a lasting memory for you. 

Our reliable group leaders are experts in making travelers feel at ease while enjoying top-tier travel service at every point and post-game event. We also help with travel insurance and club shipping arrangements and provide updated travel resources to assist you with your concerns before and during travel – making sure that you’re on time and always ready for each new, breathtaking day.

You deserve the golf travel experience of a lifetime wherever you are in your life journey as a woman golfer….. everyone of every skill level is welcome to join us.  Contact us today for a quote to curate a perfect trip for your group or join us on one of ours listed under the trip tab.