Golf School Vacations

Golf lessons and a great vacation…. a perfect combination for the golfer wanting to hone in on their skills and enjoy rest and tranquility at a beautiful golf resort. 

Learn from our LPGA and PGA professionals as they teach you next-level techniques to up the ante of your game. Our women-only schools are designed to cater to women’s golfing and vacation needs, packing her getaway with lessons, leisure, and lasting memories! What a great way to share lessons and the sun with your Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Daughter and Friends.

Fun Learning Environment

Our golf schools for women are created to be fun and conducive to learning as it flows with your vacation vibe. Choose from our personalized one-on-one, small group formats, and customize your trip length and other specific needs.

Our friendly and approachable golf instructors will help you improve your golf skills through proper guidance and motivation in a pleasant, no-pressure atmosphere.

A Place To Elevate your Game

Advanced level leisure golfers can benefit from our golf schools’ in-depth courses. Our courses cover fitness, biomechanics, swing stages and patterns, lessons on putting, chipping, and specialty shots, new techniques, and analysis of your game to help you elevate your golf skills – so there’s no stone unturned in the pursuit of golfing perfection. Our theoretical and practical approaches help train your mind and body to focus and employ the right strategies and own your game.

Practice and Play

With lodging, meals, and golf course access, you can practice and play to your heart’s content and get evaluations from our professional instructors. We design pre or post-school leisure activities to complement the golf holiday mood on and off the course – no matter the kind of game and post-game you’re looking for, Women’s Golf & Travel will coordinate it all!

Send us a message with your details and we’ll start planning your Golf School Vacation anywhere in the country you desire.