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Drive determines distance – Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

Lisa Longball hitting a drive

Celebrity Golf Schools

Drive determines distance – Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

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Drive determines distance
– Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

Fine-tune your golf skills while bonding with your girlfriends, meeting other women golfers, enjoying scenic courses, and savoring sumptuous food through one of our golf school trips with a world-class champion, Lisa Longball. Lisa Longball, 8-time Canadian Long Drive National Champion, Keynote Speaker, and Golf Celebrity has partnered with Women’s Golf & Travel to bring her golf schools to the United States.

– Get to Know Lisa –

Having taught thousands of women golfers over the years, Lisa’s students can attest that she is highly effective in bringing out the power in their swing. Her positive attitude and the ability to connect personally are what make her popular with students, co-players, and all who interact with her. She engages, instructs, and equips her students with simplified and focus-driven techniques that enhance their skills. Many of her students have been playing golf for decades but attest to Lisa’s unerring ability to help them significantly improve at their game.

Her energy, passion, and drive are what inspire her students to learn new things and let go of anything that hampers their growth. The best thing about Lisa is that she does not simply instruct. She guides them by generously sharing actionable strategies she picked up over her long career, in an exciting and motivating way.

Longer, Straighter, Better

Lisa coaches and challenges her students to hit the ball with power and elevate their performance while stressing the importance of focus and drive. She also emphasizes that with the right techniques and regular practice, your performance can reach new heights.

Lisa’s long list of accolades includes many firsts as a female golfer, making her an inspiration to many. Lisa is proof that women and golf make a great match. The First Athlete to compete at World Championships while pregnant, she was also the First Woman to ever hit the ball over 350 yards (3 ½ NFL Football fields) in competition, also the First Female Guest on PGA Tour Major Winner Steve Elkington’s Golf show The Rural Golfer – the First Guest to Beat him in a 3 Hole Match. You’ll agree that’s quite a list of notable firsts.

She is a recognized advocate for women in golf and has been awarded for her many achievements in the sport.

Sharing the Passion

Lisa Longball’s Golf School for Women’s recent programs includes schools in Orlando Florida, and Phoenix Arizona in the US, and Calgary, Victoria, Kelowna, and Terrebonne in Canada.

Her clinics offer a series of on-course instructions that include personalized lessons on putting, chipping, pitching, sand & full swing. Her courses also include accommodations, meals, goodie bags, a booklet on instructions and tips, one-on-one sessions, rounds of golf, contests and prizes, an award ceremony, and a lot more interspersed with life lessons.

Lisa also offers full-day schools that include extensive coaching on:

  • How to hit uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies
  • Course management strategies
  • How to use course management to drop your scores
  • How to hit from the fairway bunker
  • Address any golf challenges you may experience
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Aspects of the game you cannot work on at the range!
Be On Top of Your Game

Reserve your spot at one of Lisa’s Golf Schools and experience valuable lessons and tips from a world-class long drive champion and sought-after Peak Performance motivational speaker. Here’s an opportunity for avid women golf lovers to learn from the best and up the ante of your tee spirit!