– Designing Memorable Golf Trips for Women and Friends.

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Designing Memorable Golf Trips for Women

Our Beginnings

While Barbara’s company initially recognized a niche market in the women’s golf travel market, based upon statistical studies that 83% of everything sold in the non-business to business setting is done or influenced by women and feedback from our women’s focus-golf group, a decision was made to add a new spin to creating golf trips to include couple planning without stereotypical gender type-trips. Thus, “ABCD Trip Designs” was created. 

ABCD trip designs allow the traveler to choose their own trip design when traveling with their spouse/partner/ friend or as a single. On a couple of trips, they will fly, dine, sleep and enjoy evening socialization together, but do not have to necessarily play golf with each other.

Do you know how many men on “men’s golf trips” really can’t keep up the pace of 36 holes a day but have no other outlet to be “with the guys”. Our new trip planning approach allows these outlets (and even good excuses) for all type of golfers and non-golfers to enjoy time together with their spouse/partner/friends without the peer pressure of having to “keep up with the 36 hole golfer”.

– What We Do –

Women’s Golf & Travel recognized a niche market in the women’s golf travel market. Based upon statistical studies, 83% of everything sold in the non-business to business setting is done or influenced by women.

So simply put……….Women, Golf, Travel, when done right, is the combination that elevates leisure to its finest – like an art form that spurs many beautiful possibilities. Women who are game for adventure and swing to life’s beat make for a great golf company. Add in a great golf destination and you’ve got the makings for the journey of a lifetime – that’s the commitment Women’s Golf and Travel offers.

Our goal is to give women the best of both worlds – exceptional travel and golf and ensure that it coalesces into a truly enriching experience that touches the heart, tests the mind, and inspires the soul.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned golfer or someone who’s just starting out. You just need to have a love for the game. And a yen for adventure. We take your travel preferences into account and tailor a trips fueled by your passions and interests – a golf trip that’s just as unique as our guests. Our golf vacations are meant to flow with your vibe and give you the best experience whether you’re a woman traveling solo, with your partner, family, girlfriends, or colleagues. Hit it longer or just let it fly, the choice is yours. We take care of all the details so you can just focus on having a good time.

– The Women's Golf & Travel Team –

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Meet the Founder

Barbara Gutstadt

Barbara Gutstadt, a successful businesswoman, serial entrepreneur, and avid golfer, brought together a dynamic team of corporate business executives, LPGA and PGA professionals, educators, and travel consultants to create something unique and special in the golf industry. All key supporters of Barbara’s initiative share the same passion: to enjoy and grow the game through golf travel.

– Executive Team –

– Golf Professionals & Industry Influencers –

Oneda Castillo, LPGA

Vice President, Professional Relations

Susan Bond-Philo, PGA

Director of Experiences and Instruction

Ashaunta Epps, LPGA

Director of Instruction

Karen “Kiki” Leedy

Director of Client Relations

Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

Celebrity Golfer, 8-Time Canadian Long Drive National Champion

Meredith Kirk, LPGA

Celebrity Golfer, Mrs. South Carolina 2014 / Former Pageant Queen

Deb Vangellow, LPGA

LPGA Past National President, LPGA Master Professional / PGA Honorary Director

Christina Ricci, LPGA

TPI Level 3, Golf Survival Guide Author

LaJean Gould

Founder and CEO, Women in Golf Foundation

Sue Kaffenburgh

LPGA / PGA, Golf Travel Ambassador

– Golf Travel Ambassadors / Media –

Tyra Jarvis

CEO Life Reinvention Mentor

Kathy Beard

Regional Golf Ambassador

Lynn Cotter

Media, Lynn on the Links

Joyce Bassett

Angela Moody

Our Products

Women’s Golf & Travel is a specialty golf and travel company that designs memorable golf trips and women’s golf schools for members of country clubs, state and local golf associations, corporations, and women golfers and their families.

Golf Trips

Year Round Trips • Travel with new and old friends.

Golf Schools

Lisa Longball hosts Golf Schools in Phoenix, Arizona ,Orlando, Florida.and Palm Springs, California

Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup takes place in the heart of Spain’s Costa del Sol in September 2023.

Custom Golf Trips

We design dream trips for groups of 12 or more

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Additional Services

Women’s Golf & Travel brings together a dynamic team of corporate business executives, LPGA and PGA professionals, travel professionals, and writers to help create something unique and special for your organization.